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The Magical Dollhouse provides everything you need to create the dollhouse of your dreams. The company was founded in 2004 and is here to provide you and your family with the world in miniature. Miniature homes can be toys for your children and your grandchildren or they can be personal works of art that you can display in your home for everyone to see.

We give you lots of options, there are simple dollhouse kits to construct, and dollhouses that will give you hours of creative enjoyment as you make the dollhouse the way you envision it. There are also handmade dollhouses that have been painstakingly handcrafted so that you can focus on doing the decorating.

We carry all the best dollhouse kits some up to 30% off retail prices, including Real Good Toys, Greenleaf, Melissa & Doug, and KidKraft. There are sturdy dollhouses and dollhouse kits for young children including preschoolers, and dollhouses from KidKraft such as the Beachfront Mansion, the Savannah dollhouse, and the Annabelle dollhouse which are perfect for the larger fashion dolls.

Maybe you are looking for something on a smaller scale than a full size dollhouse, but that will still let you enjoy your love of miniatures. The shadow boxes, room vignettes, and wall displays from Reutter's Porcelain maybe just the thing for you. You can choose from incredibly detailed miniature displays of reading rooms complete with an easy chair and good reading light, to a music room or coffee shop shadow box.

Once you have your dollhouse you can decorate it with distinctive miniature furniture and miniature accessories that are works of art in their own right. Take a look at the Mahogany Pillar Bedroom set from Aztec which is reasonably priced and includes a high Pillar bed, dresser with mirror and a nightstand. Or there is the simply stunning Blue Gold Kitchen Stove or the Complete Barbecue Grill with Food from Reutter's Porcelain.

You can find a variety of finished dollhouses like the La Vonne Dollhouse collector item which is handcrafted in the tradition of the 19th century "baby houses," or even Alice's Home Place Dollhouse .

If you are in the market for a dollhouse that comes all ready to go, completely put together and totally furnished, we have a selection of dollhouses for you including the Multi Level Solid Wood Dollhouse from Melissa & Doug which comes with nineteen pieces of furniture.

And don't forget the doll families for your dollhouse. There are dolls of different sizes, and ethnicity, and ages from grandparents to infants. In addition, we now have a variety of Dollhouse Resources available for you on our site, including articles to inspire you, how to articles so you can make your own dollhouse items, and listings of upcoming dollhouse shows and famous dollhouses you can travel to see. Our dollhouse resource section is listed on the left side of the home page.


I have been shopping at The Magical Dollhouse for the past 6-7 years and have always had a great experience. My daughter and I have had many hours of fun building and decorating the dollhouses we have bought. The customer service is always there to help with my questions. It is really easy to find what I'm looking for on the site and love how secure and easy the checkout process is. The shipping is very quick. Thanks for being a great place to shop for dollhouses and accessories.

Barbara Smith - Phoenix, AZ

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